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National Auction Services

Since 1997, Signature Auctions has provided authentic sports and entertainment memorabilia for hundreds of fund raising events across the continental United States.

For those charities outside of the New York metropolitan area, we offer two types of auction solutions:

1. Off–Location Auction Program –this option is usually preferred by charities that are looking to supplement their auctions with premier sports and entertainment merchandise. For these groups, Signature Auctions can provide a spectacular mix of sports and entertainment items (from inexpensive to high-end, from as few as 10 items to as many as 100) to create a buzz with their guests. After learning the specifics of your event and the demographics of your audience, we will carefully assemble the perfect mix of items that will have heads turning. These items are on consignment at NO RISK to your charity. Your organization is GUARANTEED TO MAKE MONEY on every item that sells and YOUR REVENUE ESCALATES as the bidding increases. We will provide you in advance with a list of the auction items with detailed descriptions and minimum bids. You will receive these items at 20% BELOW the minimum bids. This way you’ll automatically make at least 20% on EVERY item you sell AND you’ll also receive ALL OF THE UPSIDE REVENUE ABOVE THE MINIMUM BID. And with the great items that we select, the sky is the limit on bid-ups. Signature Auctions will also take back all unsold items.

After you sign our straightforward Letter of Agreement and provide us with your UPS shipper number, we will coordinate the delivery of your auction items. We will carefully package the items to arrive within one week of your fundraiser. After the auction, you would simply pay for the items that sell as well as shipping and return any items that do not sell. It’s that simple.


2. On-Location Auction Program – If you have a large gala event, Signature Auctions can travel to your location to implement the auction. We would be happy to discuss this option with you at your convenience.

Whether we attend the event or not, rest assured that the solution will be tailored specifically for your event and you will be spared a significant amount of time-consuming work. You will be able to concentrate on your guests and the success of the evening. Please see our Testimonials page for comments on the professionalism and quality of our service.