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Comparing Donated Items Versus Signature Auctions

  Donated Items Signature Auctions

• No cost to organization. However there are significant costs associated with soliciting donations.

• No cost to organization.*

Quality of Items:

• Donated items are generally of lesser caliber. (Don’t expect anyone to part with a Mickey Mantle baseball.)
• No control over the quality of donated items.
• Donated items rarely get people excited about bidding, thus don’t raise as much money.

• Signature Auctions has a huge variety of spectacular memorabilia.
• We are experts at selecting the right items for your audience.
• Our items generate excitement and active bidding, yielding higher bids and more revenue for your organization.

Extra Work Required:

• Solicit and catalogue items.
• Create, set up, facilitate and staff the auction.

• None.
• All included with Signature Auctions.

Staff Required:

• Staff to solicit donations, set up the auction, man the tables and process payments.

• None.
• Our expert staff takes care of all the details - you can focus on your guests.

Hidden Costs:

• Cost to solicit donations.
• Cost to produce signage, rent displays, etc.

• None
• All included with Signature Auctions.*

Risk Factors:

• Counterfeit memorabilia. By accepting donated items whose authenticity cannot be verified, organizations take a significant risk. Who needs the legal hassle, embarrassment or bad publicity if a donated item turns out to be counterfeit?

• None.
• All items are guaranteed authentic and come with certificates of authenticity.
• All unsold items are returnable.
• We bring our 10-year industry reputation of quality, honesty and integrity.


• More work
• More risk
•Less money

• No risk
• No hassle
• Upside potential for greater revenue.

Your guests are looking to purchase the high caliber items that we bring to events. Why not have them purchase them from you?

*Shipping charges may apply to auctions outsite the New York Metro Area.