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Live Art Auctions Services

If your group is located in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, Signature Auctions can help you raise significant funds with a fun and sophisticated event. Our live art auctions are a dependable and entertaining way to fundraise with no financial risk to your group.

Your guests will depart the event with gorgeous works of art and will have supported your organization with their purchases. Unlike our silent auction programs, which are built around existing events, our Live Art Auction is the event itself.

Art Auction Setup
Live Art Auctions can take three months to plan and our calendar fills up fast, so contact us today.


A Winning Partnership

Signature Auctions guarantees your organization in writing:

  • A percentage of every sale at the event, with commissions up to 30% of total sales.
  • 100% of all revenue from ticket sales.
  • 100% of all advertising revenue from the auction catalogues.
  • A substantial commission based on attendance.
  • That we will print at NO COST to your group, custom invitations, flyers, auction catalogues, bidder numbers and event tickets.

Signature Auctions will coordinate with your committee to establish and execute a proven marketing plan for a profitable and exciting social event. We will provide a dedicated representative to ensure that the planning and execution of your event is flawless. Even if you have never held a fundraiser before, Signature Auctions will give you the tools and guidance to market your event and make it a success.

If your organization has a group of dedicated committee members and is interested in holding a Fundraising Art Auction, call 1-888-424-3877 or email us today.


A Proven Formula For Any Group

Many diverse organizations can benefit from a Fundraising Art Auction by Signature Auctions:

School Organizations
Booster Clubs
Athletic Clubs
Alumni Organizations
Sports Clubs
Kiwanis Clubs
Rotary Clubs
Nursing Organizations
Little Leagues
Lions Clubs

AuctioneerEach of these groups has its own unique reason to raise revenue. Whether you’re a school organization looking to raise dollars for cheerleader uniforms, sports equipment or a class trip or a synagogue looking to add to your building fund or even a health charity eager to improve your fundraising reach, Signature Auctions can put together the ideal event for your group.

Live Auction Events typically take three months to plan and our calendar fills up fast, so to get started, please contact us.